• Rear shelf
  • Side panels
  • Seat cover back
  • Luggage carpet
  • Luggage side trim
  • Headliner
  • Floor isolation supports

In today's progressively competitive environment, increasing the quality and performance has become a necessity for market continuity. Lightness in vehicles saves time and energy as long as the durability is not compromised. Hexapan® honeycomb panels are superior performance products for use in lightweight systems with their durable and lightweight designs.

Hexapan lightweight panels offer superior performance solutions in the production of RTM and other Composite materials used in containers and semi-trailers, refrigerated truck tow trucks, automotive furniture, trailers and vehicle bodies, automotive seat systems, and vehicles.

  • Coach head liners
  • Buses side panels
  • Luggage rear side
  • Van lining
  • Trunk floor

Commercial vehicle trailer

Truck/Trailer Vehicles
  • Door Liner
  • Scuff Liner
  • Ceiling Liner Roofing
  • Tire Protection
  • Driver bedding
  • Foldable Container
  • Custom Boxes
  • Bags and Suitcases
  • Individual seperators
  • Drawe for metal boxes

In globalizing world trade network, we aim to provide prestigious logistics solutions that are durable in all ambient conditions, environment-friendly, safe, and prioritizing comfort.

Due to being durable and lightweight, having thermoform features, being antibacterial, resistant to high wear and recyclable, Hexapan® honeycomb panels are used in special product packaging systems and provide superior protection and financial advantages.

Hexapak, being used in foldable container systems, provides environmental-friendly, prestigious and low cost logistics packaging solutions.

Take a look at Hexapak Packaging Systems to benefit from the customized logistics packaging solutions.

Visit our website for more detailed information.

Advertising & Printing
  • Billboards
  • Roll up stand
  • Warning signh
  • Stand Applications

The advertising industry is evolving with rapidly growing fields of activity, as well as ever-evolving product qualities, and the advertising projects that do not have the right infrastructure cannot achieve their objectives.

With thermoform Hexapan® honeycomb panels on which high quality permanent print can be done, we eliminate the boundaries of creativity in the field of marketing.

Please contact us for Hexapan® panels that adapt to difficult conditions, that are UV-resistant, durable and customized.

Other Applications


  • Prefabricated House Walls
  • Lightweight Furniture
  • Bathroom Applications
  • Clean Rooms

Materials used in constructed immovable constructions should meet all the durability and aesthetic requirements of the area where they are used, should not require maintenance and should be long-lasting.Due to their healthy, insulating, safe and long-lasting structure, Hexapan® panels have become an unparalleled building material in the construction area.

Renewable Energy

  • Wind Power Plants
  • Wave Turbines
  • Solar Panels

In the new century, clean energy sources are in demand. Due to limited natural energy resources and renewable energy being environmentally friendly, the constantly growing need for energy makes energy production necessary even in the most challenging environmental conditions. Hexapan enables long-lasting high-tech and advanced architecture by demonstrating high strength in corrosive environments such as salt water and under severe effects of sunlight.


  • Boat Furniture
  • Seating Panels
  • Internal and External Parts

With its resistance to sea water, UV resistance and light structure, Hexapan® can be used as furniture in vessels, and in internal and external trims. Due to being light and long lasting, it provides superior performance.

Continuous production honeycomb technology inspired by nature and it provides high strength and insulation properties by using very low material quantity.


Hexapan® has a rapidly expanding product range in construction, logistics, transportation and advertising sectors, mainly in aviation and aerospace industries with its noncompetitive properties.


Hexapan® panels are formed by laminating the two surfaces of the thermoplastic structure which is formed in the form of a honeycomb, onto the surface with desired properties.

HEXAPAN Cutting Process
HEXAPAN Printing Process

Honeycomb plates consist of two surface plates and a honeycomb shaped core structure.

With low density property of the thermoplastic structure,  superiority is provided compared to materials such as metal and ceramic and others


Panels are 100% recyclable. Our product which is free from additives such as adhesive film, consists of PP and composite folios.

Impact Resistance

In room conditions, when 20mm diameter of load is applied, impact resistance is over > 80J and at -20 up to 35 J.

Chemical Resistance

PP comb structure and composite folio provide superior resistance against chemicals.

Compressive Strength

On the short term loadings, it is determined that it has resistance up to 1.6 Mpa of pressure, on 75x75mm area.


Panels can be formed with chip removal and thermoforming methods. It is suitable especially for riveting, welding and bonding

Environmental Resistance Factor

It is proven with tests that surface plates have perfect UV resistance and also show high resistance against chemical, petrol and oil derivatives. Water absorption of the panel is below 14%.

Thermal Insulation

Our panels whose thermal conductivity in room conditions is less than 0.12 W/mK, also can be used for heat insulation purposes.

Bending Feature

There is no torsion observed on 8 kg of load which is put along the 600 mm of the bearing support distance of the standard plate in 30mm thickness and 100mm width.

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