Hexapan® is 100% recyclable with patented manufacturing technology, resistant to tough environmental conditions and high performance product. Hexapan® is high strength by weight ratio and it has honeycomb structure. Because of this structure, Hexapan® is more special by using low material quantities.



The patented and unique technology of Hexapan® consisted of continuous production of the porous honeycomb structure on the two surfaces of the structure by heat transfer without damaging its thermoplastic structure and monocular bond shape. So the unique structure is extremely flexible and it is resistant to impacts and also lightweight.


Hexapan® panels are designed by inspiration from nature and it has hexagonal core texture. Hexapan® panels’ structure is designed by polypropylene with minimum material quantity but high strength. When we double the thickness of this 100% polypropylene core structure, its weight is increased by 10% but its strength is increased up to 40 times.


The production of Hexapan® panels starts with the desired panel surface. The panel surface prepared according to the agreed mechanical, electrical and chemical properties is produced with high precision in the determined color, thickness and dimensions. After that, the inner core structure is formed with the desired thickness and density according to the mechanical and insulating properties requested from the panel. The final layers are laminated with excellent precision using a strong bonding structure of polypropylene through heat, and Hexapan® panels achieve user-friendly high performance design.


All of the production of Hexapan® panels consist of developed processes under our control. Due to the compatible structure of polypropylene, many composite material such as glass fibers, carbon, aramid or conductive-inductive fabrics. Contact our technical sales engineers to take advantage of our customized solutions.

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