Thickness (mm)

4mm-6mm 8mm-12mm 14mm-16mm 19mm-21mm
Density (gr/m2) 1000-2000 gr/m2 2000-4000 gr/m2 2500-4500gr/m2 3000-5000 gr/m2
Core Dimameter (mm) 5mm  6,4 mm  7 mm 9,6mm
Core Type Polypropylene (PP) Polypropylene (PP) Polypropylene (PP) Polypropylene (PP)
Skin Type  Polypropylene (PP) Polypropylene (PP) Polypropylene (PP) Polypropylene (PP)
PP+PES Nonwoven PP+PES Nonwoven PP+PES Nonwoven PP+PES Nonwoven
PP+Filler PP+Filler PP+Filler PP+Filler
Wood Plastic Composite Wood Plastic Composite Wood Plastic Composite Wood Plastic Composite
Glass Fiber Composite Glass Fiber Composite Glass Fiber Composite Glass Fiber Composite
Skin Surface Grained/Smooth Grained/Smooth Grained/Smooth Grained/Smooth
Skin Thickness (mm) 0,4mm-1mm 0,5mm-1,5mm 0,5mm-2mm 0,5mm-2mm
Width (meter) 1.2 meter- 2 meter  1.2 meter- 2 meter  1.2 meter- 2 meter  1.2 meter- 2 meter 
Standart Color  Black,White,Grey,Blue Black,White,Grey,Blue Black,White,Grey,Blue Black,White,Grey,Blue
Burning Test(mm/min ) < 100 mm/min < 100 mm/min < 100 mm/min < 100 mm/min
Corona Up to 42 dyn  Up to 42 dyn  Up to 42 dyn  Up to 42 dyn 
Esd   Optionally  Optionally  Optionally Optionally



Honeycomb plates consist of two surface plates and a honeycomb shaped core structure.

With low density property of the thermoplastic structure,  superiority is provided compared to materials such as metal and ceramic and others


Panels are 100% recyclable. Our product which is free from additives such as adhesive film, consists of PP and composite folios.

Impact Resistance

In room conditions, when 20mm diameter of load is applied, impact resistance is over > 80J and at -20 up to 35 J.

Chemical Resistance

PP comb structure and composite folio provide superior resistance against chemicals.

Compressive Strength

On the short term loadings, it is determined that it has resistance up to 1.6 Mpa of pressure, on 75x75mm area.


Panels can be formed with chip removal and thermoforming methods. It is suitable especially for riveting, welding and bonding

Environmental Resistance Factor

It is proven with tests that surface plates have perfect UV resistance and also show high resistance against chemical, petrol and oil derivatives. Water absorption of the panel is below 14%.

Thermal Insulation

Our panels whose thermal conductivity in room conditions is less than 0.12 W/mK, also can be used for heat insulation purposes.

Bending Feature

There is no torsion observed on 8 kg of load which is put along the 600 mm of the bearing support distance of the standard plate in 30mm thickness and 100mm width.