Other Applications


  • Prefabricated House Walls
  • Lightweight Furniture
  • Bathroom Applications
  • Clean Rooms

Materials used in constructed immovable constructions should meet all the durability and aesthetic requirements of the area where they are used, should not require maintenance and should be long-lasting.Due to their healthy, insulating, safe and long-lasting structure, Hexapan® panels have become an unparalleled building material in the construction area.

Renewable Energy

  • Wind Power Plants
  • Wave Turbines
  • Solar Panels

In the new century, clean energy sources are in demand. Due to limited natural energy resources and renewable energy being environmentally friendly, the constantly growing need for energy makes energy production necessary even in the most challenging environmental conditions. Hexapan enables long-lasting high-tech and advanced architecture by demonstrating high strength in corrosive environments such as salt water and under severe effects of sunlight.


  • Boat Furniture
  • Seating Panels
  • Internal and External Parts

With its resistance to sea water, UV resistance and light structure, Hexapan® can be used as furniture in vessels, and in internal and external trims. Due to being light and long lasting, it provides superior performance.

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